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Ministries & Outreach


Grace Presbyterian Church has the privilege of participating in the support of Christian ministries through prayer and giving. Currently, we support:



  • Ben and Bethel Castenada
    Lecturer of New Testament at Edinburgh Theological Seminary, working to plant churches in Scotland
  • Matthew and Sarah Esswein
    Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) campus minister serving at the University of Arizona in Tucson
  • DH and Emily Henry
    Serving in Flagstaff, AZ to reach the Navajo Nation with Mission to the World (MTW)
  • Mike and Robin McMahan
    Serving to equip missionaries with Mission to the World (MTW)
  • Aaron and Leticia Zapata
    Seminary Director & Teacher in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico with Mission to North America (MNA)
  • Jeff and Heather
    Counselors serving missionaries and ministries in pioneering contexts with Mission to the World (MTW)